New Blogger Here!

Hello! My name is Abdullah but you can call me Mr. X (because it sounds cool). This is my first time ever posting a blog anywhere and so, I hope I’ll have a good experience and literary growth during my stay.

First, a little about me. I am an aspiring writer – I want to be published and make a decent living off of my books. I enjoy writing poetry and fictional literature, mostly. I’m sort of philosophical, as in, I have deep thoughts and I feel like it reflects in my writing. Lastly, I’m dedicated to being the best I can be and seeing where I can take my craft!

Secondly, the reason for me creating this blog is to help get my writing noticed. I’d like for people to hear my voice and respond to it positively. I wanna hear my voice echo through the canyon of life for centuries if possible. Delusions of grandeur, I know but, hey, big dreams, hard work, right?

I’m ultimately hoping that I can build some followers and improve even further and so, I hope the people of the Blogging world will welcome me with open arms and open minds. Thank you for reading and welcome to the Mind of A Writer.


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