The Tragedy of Normy

Whatcha got in there, Norman?”

Yeah, show us, Normy!”

My name is Norman and I’m weak.

I-it’s none of your business! It’s personal!”

Personal, huh?”

The hooligans reached for my notepad that I was previously writing in and snatched it away despite my best attempts to stop them.

What’s this, huh? Ooh… how to pick up girls? Notes? Ha! Man, Norman, you really are as sad as they say!”

What were you planning to do with this, huh? Ask your imaginary girlfriend out on a date?”

I was so angry and I so desperately wanted to fight back, to tell them not to pick on me. I wanted to raise my fist and hit them but I was only a scrawny kid. What was I to do? So instead, they pushed me into the locker and shut it, enclosing me within the cramped space. I heard them laughing as they walked off, leaving me to snivel and cry in my locker.

After a good half of an hour, I began working on getting out of the locker when I heard an ear-piercing scream. I glanced through the grates of the locker to see a frightening sight – on the ground was the girl I liked and there was a man eating her alive. The man was pale and looked dead. He was covered in blood but visible, purplish veins could be seen on him.

Rawr…” He moaned, an organ in his mouth while the girl I liked continued to scream in agony with blood pouring from her mouth. All I could do was watch in disbelief.

What is that?!” I silently thought to myself. “Why is he eating her? I need to help her!”

However, I’m weak. I couldn’t move. I was too scared, the fear of death was too real as watching the life slowly drain out of her eyes while she was being devoured reminded me of the fragility of my own self. Despite hitched breaths and shudders, the man didn’t hear me as he continued to feast on the girl long after she was dead.

After apparently having his fill, the man stood up and began walking away with a limp. It could easily make one wonder if the man was crazy but it seemed almost like he was dead. Once he was out of sight, I finally managed to get the door open and run over to her. I knelt down by her side and lifted her head up, tearfully looking over the state of her body.

Her body was in tatters. Her stomach was brutally ripped open, her intestines laid everywhere, and her blood had stained her clothing beyond recognition. Her face was pale, signifying her lack of vitality. Everything beautiful about the girl had been taken from her in the span of a few minutes.

I cried over her body, holding her tightly in my arms. “Oh, Jennifer…” I tearfully said. “I wish I could’ve told you how I felt… You were the only one nice to me in this entire school… I swear to God, I’ll kill that man and I-”


I heard her moan softly. I raised my head and looked closely at her face to see that she was making slight motions with her head. I smiled in delight, seeing the possibility of saving her when instead she opened her eyes, revealing black, soulless pupils and pulled me in close. She bit hard into my neck, taking a huge chunk of meat off of me.

AAH!” I screamed.

I pushed her off and stumbled back, holding my profusely bleeding wound. Jennifer rose up, sitting up straight as if she wasn’t just eaten alive and looked at me with those eyes. I sat in fear, watching as she inched towards me.

Jennifer…?” I asked, my eyes wide. “Are you… do you love me?”


She began eating my arm, pulling the skin off of me. That was when I finally understood. This was her way of showing love, her way of showing affection. She was traumatized from nearly dying so now she was using me as an outlet. I loved her so I would sincerely oblige. I smiled and allowed her to eat me, knowing that I would live on inside of the person I loved.


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