Survival of the Fittest

It was hell. Pure black hell. They roamed and ate. Roamed and ate. Roamed and ate. There was no police, no Divine aid, no angels. Left and right, people just died indiscriminately from monsters that ate up the teachers, the kids, the staff, and several friends who I knew and loved.

Fuck, fuck!”

Move man, move!”

Come on! COME ON!!”

Me and several students from separate classes all ran away from the death, away from the predators, away from the dead.

This way!”

We all darted into the empty homeroom and shut the door hard. Panting, I ran over to a desk and sat down while my other “teammates” rested against the wall and the door, respectively.

What now?” I asked.

I dunno, man. They’re everywhere… I just want to go home…” Marcus was a freshman who had just moved here two months ago. Every friend he made at the school had just been eaten in front of him. The other boy with us was a junior named Evan. He was a douche but smart and he’s been keeping us alive for awhile. My name is Charlie and I was one of the few survivors of this God forsaken school. My best friend and I watched his girlfriend get eaten alive before I watched him kill himself with a fucking nail gun.

Well, too damn bad, man!” Evan said. “We’re here now and we gotta make it or-”


We all immediately shushed ourselves upon hearing the banging of the undead on the other side of the door. Even with the door shut, their unbelievable strength and numbers seemed to threaten to break the door in.

I can’t handle this! I can’t fucking handle this, guys!” Marcus was crying now, holding his head as he shook it back and forth. “Fuck this! I don’t wanna get eaten alive!”

Marcus, no!” I exclaimed.

It was too late, as the freshman jumped through the window in a vain attempt to kill himself before they did. However, what he failed to take into account was that we were only three stories up. We heard a thud and a loud groan. Evan and I ran over to the window to see Marcus lying on the ground, banged up but still alive and conscious.

Wait… what… No… no, no, no! Stay back! No! Please! GOD, NO!!”

Evan and I watched in horror as Marcus was eaten alive by the undead monsters that were attracted to the sound of his groans. He was torn to shreds, ripped limb from limb. We didn’t have much time to mourn as the undead soon came bursting in through the door, having caved it in. There were too many to just run through and we didn’t know what to do.

Damn it, there’s only one thing we can do…” Evan whispered.

You’re right…” I slowly began, “And it’s this.”

I grabbed Evan by the collar and threw him into the flooding crowd of zombies. He screamed and cursed at me but I paid no attention, running around the teacher’s desk and kicking a zombie out of my way as I escaped to freedom. I immediately made my way down the stairs, the echoing sound of my footsteps attracting the dead. I, somehow, managed to get out the front door, ignoring the various corpses that were being feasted on like cattle.

Yes… Yes!” My eyes lit up in happiness, the freedom of the outside world filling my being. I ran into the road outside of school grounds, which had various people of the dead that noticed my presence but were too far away to catch up to me. I turned back to my ghost town of a school and flipped it off.

Kiss my ass, you dead motherfu-”


I looked to my left to see a car that was suddenly swerving onto the road, speeding out from the bushes. I tried to move but was too late and the car hit me head on, flipping me over the hood. My body landed on the concrete with a painful thud, bleeding and broken, leaving me unable to move. The car didn’t even stop and continued on its way, ignoring my weak pleas for help.

I heard them coming – the dead. They stumbled forward, arms out and mouths open, and my heart quickened on the realization that I was next. That I would soon be eaten.

Someone… help me, please… Marcus… Evan… Mommy… anybody… Please…!”



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