Heavy footsteps through the snow

The wind howling in my ear as I go

The chill and pressure keeps me back

My direction, I often never know

Lost and in a struggle

Searching for the single quality I lack.

However, the world is an illusion; this snow isn’t real

This rage growing within is not what I feel

I thought that I could seal these tears

I had hoped that I would never believe this to be real

But, truthfully, I am real || in a mirage

Trapped in a room with all of these fears.

Enticed by thoughts beyond my power

I wonder if this place will wish me sour

While I crumble and rebuild to search for the strength

To navigate this twisted tower

But the tower is just an illusion

An illusion with neither width nor length.

The light flashes before my eyes – an angel!

Yet it stands there mangled

I run and the fatigue is untrue

I set my sight upon the goal as I watch the prize dangle

Distractions tangle my focus and put me astray

Forcing me to make choices with consequences I’ll rue.

I refuse to succumb to this world!

But the pain is so real and I sit – curled,

Pondering when it will end and disappear so that I may go home

I want to forget these memories to which I already hurled

But obsession is truly a gift and a curse in one

As it leaves me here, trapped alone.

My desires don’t exist and my intent is how I’ll score

I’ll finally be allowed into a world of bliss forevermore

Paved by sweat and blood

Scars healed by the legends of lore

The motivation returns and the illusion fades

As I resolve to succumb to the world no more.

Original Image: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/camphalfbloodroleplay/images/b/b7/The_titan_atlas_by_ppsvetla-d31hllx.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110421191511


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