The world is drowning in health

Children are fed through the blessings of wealth

The atmospheres I taste are clean

The rays of the Sun coat me in a welcome sheen

Of sweat, yet, this is not the state of our home

This is but a dream, conjured up by my dome

The world is a mixture of poverty and drugs

Devoid of love, kisses, or hugs

Neither electricity nor water are widespread

Somewhere, a child searches through garbage simply to be fed

Do you take what you have for granted

Do you know what requests to God these poor people have chanted?

“Grant me a home, water, and food”

Thinking about their pain puts me in a sour mood

Chappy lips, cracked hands

Not a stream among those lands

Disharmonious unity among the youth

Their attitudes today are uncouth.

It’s the whole world; I’m not excluding here

But the state of this world drives me to tears

It’s not changing with hopeless clouds

Blinding the people with these smoggy shrouds

This is the stage of the world and it won’t get better

Now, please cry with me as we finish this together.

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