Law! What are you doing with that knife? Put that down righ- URK!”


Henry! Lawrence! Lawrence, stop or I swear to the Lord, Jesus Chri- AGH!”



Law sat down on the kitchen floor, reached out his little finger, and licked his mother’s pooling blood, smiling and humming contentedly.

Mmm… perfect.”

Sit down, Lawrence.”

Law, holding his teddy bear and tapping his lips with his index finger, kept his head bowed down at the table, his hollow but lively face smiling.

The two detectives, one tall with a white beard and a dark blue suit, and the other shorter, skinny, and with brown hair, sat down before Law.

The interrogation room was small with the basic table in the middle and the one-way glass behind Law.

Okay, Lawrence,” began the detective with the beard, “I need you to listen to me close-”

Your name is Charles and your name” – Law pointed to the skinny, short detective – “is Richard.”

The detectives exchanged small glances with each other.

Did you tell him our names?” whispered Charles.

No,” denied Richard, “I didn’t tell this kid shit.”

Alright, Lawrence,” began Charles again, “now listen, okay? We’re investigating the murder of your parents. We found your fingerprints on the butcher knife that was used to kill them. We need you to answer us truthfully: did you kill your parents?”

Law grabbed an imaginary spoon and began to feed his bear, smiling and mumbling in its ear as he petted it.

Lawrence!” exclaimed Richard. “Listen to us!”

What parents?” proclaimed Law, still feeding the bear. “I was born from the womb of the Earth like all other saplings… how could I kill my mother when my mother is the Earth herself?”

Is this kid really 9 years old?” asked Richard, whispering in his partner’s ear.

Yeah, he is. Trust me, I can’t believe this.”

Me neither!” exclaimed Richard. Law was now looking at them attentively with a sharp smile and eyes far too wide.

Charles sighed, arms against the table as he looked upon the boy calmly.

Listen carefully, son… we don’t really need a statement, okay? We can throw you in the slammer right now. Now, if you didn’t murder your folks, you need to tell us right now.”

Law became extremely quiet, glaring at the police with the intensity of an ethereal snake.

I didn’t really kill my parents… We were playing a game and they lost. They didn’t play the game right… Mommy cheated and Daddy tried to hide it… so I punished them so they can’t move until I say so.”

The detectives sighed, sharing a look of one thought:

Yep, this kid is fucking crazy.”

Look here, son,” began Richard, “this isn’t some game. If you killed your parents, you’re going to be punished, got it?”

No…” said Lawrence, his voice feathery and light. “I won’t.”


The detectives jumped back from the sudden voice change, watching as the boy giggled and stared up at them with black, serpent-like eyes.

I can’t get punished… it’s all a game but I never lose. Though, please, do feel free to play your odds-”



You heard the same thing I did…” breathed he, his smoking gun shaking in his hand. “He-he’s not human and he would’ve left anyway…”

You idiot! You killed a goddamn child!”

No… No, I didn’t…”

In other news, Detective Richard Johnson has been sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole for the murder of Lawrence Aubern, the 9-year old orphan of brutally slain parents. May you rest in peace with your parents, Lawrence. Justice has been served.”

Heh… hehehe… heh… heh, heh…”

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