Without the sweet relief of death

And its promises of a cold touch

Without the pressure of Time bearing down on our weak necks

We would surely waste each breath

Never would we amount to much

Truly, we would be wrought in a wreck

Time and Death are Life’s coaches.

Without the sharp blade of the Grim Reaper

And the fear of time forgone

Without the shifting of day into night

We would lose our edge, falling steeper

Until we were too far gone

Trapped in life without the light

Of Death.

Think for a moment, would you

How dull life would be

Without end

There’d be no reason to aspire to

Anything or any reason to see

Any one of our friends

Why bother when one sees no end in sight?

Why seek immortality

When there’s beauty in the frailty of life

And passion in the vice-grip of death

Why should you and me

Fear strife

And seek life and never-ending breath

When, without death, what life will truly be left?

Original image: http://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2012/12/01/23138/big_thumb_bc4e2e14eb1e744f8a58d9776532a257.jpg


4 thoughts on “Mr. X’s Poetry: Without Death

    1. Thank you! I mean, I can see why people would wanna live forever but wouldn’t it just grow boring eventually? That’s all I’m saying, haha! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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