He laid on the road, bleeding and brutalized. The desert Sun smiled upon his disgrace, offering naught but a rigorous shine that exorcised all life from him.

A man, dressed in robes with an elderly visage and wisdom beaming from his eyes, saw this man lying on the ground.

Help… me… o, man of God…”

The man, wearing a cross around his neck, tucked away the charm, bowed his head, and scurried on. The man was left to the tendrils of the Sun.

Footsteps shuffled by and the man spied a caretaker – an orphanage holder – walk past. The woman saw him and paused, only staring.

Dazed, hazy, and blurry vision, he reached out to her shakily. “Help me… please… help me… as you… have helped the poor orphans and children…”

The woman reached into her pocket and threw several coins before him. She then quickly ran off, not exchanging another word. Once again, the man was left to the mercy of the heat.

The man raised his head yet again at the sight of a young couple, madly in love, walking through with an umbrella.

Please…” beckoned the broken man. “Would your love… be pure ‘nough… to man’fest as mercy… on my b’half?”

The young people glanced at each other before bursting out laughing, shaking their heads in disbelief. The two continued on and tears built up in his eyes. Yet, they never fell. They flicked into the air in evaporation, the cruel Sun unwilling to let his tears touch the ground.

Despite the Sun’s beam, the man’s world grew dark, and despair set in.

Please…” cried he internally. “Someone… help me… do not let me… die out here… alone and wasted away…”


The man looked up and saw a young boy, no more than 10 years of age, gazing down at the man curiously. He blocked the Sun’s shine and instilled his own with his curious yellow eyes.

Do you need help, mister?” asked he.

Wa-r… so… haugh… he’p… me…” the man requested. Raspy breaths ripped from his chest and his lungs burned, exploding like firecrackers with every breath.

The boy scampered away and the man shut his eyes, all hope abandoned.

Mister?” asked the boy again, moments later. The man dared to open his eyes and he saw the boy holding a large bucket of clean, clear, crisp water. The boy bent over and helped the man down the drink. When enough of his thirst was quenched, the man rose like a budding flower and planted his face into the pale itself, uprooting every last drop of water from its underground.

Ah!” gasped the man, emerging from the pale with a soaked face and vitality vigorously returning. “Ah! Thank you, young man… you have just saved my life.”

The young boy smiled and nodded. “Shall I tell you why those three people have ignored you?”

You saw…?”

The priest was a hypocritical man – indeed he preached God, but he visited brothels and gambled. With sheep, he is generous. But when he saw you, a man in need, he felt fright, for he knew of his wrongs and when he saw you, he saw his end and so he scurried away. He shall die from locusts.

The woman was the child of a merchant but the husband of a poor man. Bitter, she produced an orphanage to build pity from the people for the children she took in. In truth, she stole from the orphans’ wealth and spent what little they had for her own material pursuits. When she saw you and heard your request, she was instantly inflicted with fear of retribution and tossed coins in a vain attempt to prevent this. The roof of her house shall collapse and crush her in her sleep.

The young people were people of two cities. They met and have instantly initiated immoral intercourse. They are the ones who have forged a path ahead in which they, themselves, will get lost in. They are like the monkeys that jest and joke for amusement, but stay trapped in cages, slaves to their own passions. They will experience bitter hatred for each other in the coming years and will end each others’ life unknowingly.”

Who are you…? How do you know about this…?”

The boy smiled. “I am the ill intent – the very thing which all humans run from but can never escape. I am the very touch of warmth for good men and cold for evil. I am the soldier of all that is holy and all that is sinful. I am just a boy, who happened by a man in need, and helped. That is who I am.”

The boy then turned and walked away.

T-thank you!” the man quickly said.

The boy stopped and glanced over his shoulder at the man, smiling again. “Do not thank me… for, one day, I shall come for you, too.”

He then turned and walked the road in which he came, leaving a befuddled man behind.

Original Image: http://img.youtube.com/vi/EFfyLGm90PY/maxresdefault.jpg


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