Hello, all (says he to the few followers he has. Still appreciate the support and views, regardless. Means a lot!)! I come to you today with a great announcement – I’ve finished my first manuscript. It is called “The Legend of Himaguma.” It’s set in the Himalayas, present-time, and it is basically my teaser book for my writing. I have more stories I’m planning to publish, but I’d love to just get the word out of what I can do. Also, I have more exciting news – I’m launching my own bookstore via Wix.com. I’m calling it the X Store and it’ll be where I’ll publish my ebooks (along with other self-publishing brands, but that will be the site I’ll usually send you to). Now, I just want to sample you all with the first chapter of the story as it’s only 10k words or so, but it’s a good read, trust. Anyway, without further ado, here is the first chapter of my incoming ebook :


Chapter 1: The Cold



The cold… Pressurized wind sucking feeling from my lungs… Numbness… of body and mind…”

His hands grabbed onto the ledge, arms burning with still feelings and mind dizzy from a snowy high.

Pull yourself up… COME ON!”


Grunting, the climber ascended to the small ledge and turned over onto his back, letting the snow accumulate over him.

The cold… building over me, keeping my structure preserved… I feel it… Here, on this mountain – a wisp of wind, a howl of hurt, the crime of cold… the cold… the… cold…”

The climber’s eyes fluttered like a butterfly’s wings, edging on open and then tilting towards closed. His sight, covered by goggles, was becoming mistier from the frost and the ice bobbed his alertness.

I’m so sorry, Anala… I tried and fought for your sake… but the cold has caught up with me… the cold hushes me to sleep and has made me a pillow beneath my head… I can’t feel my muscles anymore. The icy burn has been replaced by a chilling numbness and all I’ve left now are my thoughts.”

Through the howling wind on the high mountain, through the sharp cold piercing the skin, the climber could hear it – footsteps.

I think he’s coming for me… the Angel of Death. Coming for me now… I’ll see you soon and I hope I’ll be able to look you in the eye, fighter-for-fighter.”

A deep sigh left the climber’s lips as he shut his eyes peacefully, skin pale and brown.

Remember, o Mt. Kangchenjunga… Do allow this resting place to be here… a tombstone – memory to all below…”

And his eyes closed and his breath wrestled from his throat, ascending to the cold.



Anala! Anala!”

Oh… I-I’m fine… or, I will be… soon.”

Don’t talk like that! Let me go get the town doctor! Maybe he can give you some medication-”

Don’t be silly, Rohan. The doctor…” – COUGH! – “has other patients to attend to and we already know what’s the matter with me…”

It’s not fair… It’s not fair…”

Shuuush… It’s okay. This cancer hasn’t broken me yet. I’m not angry at what’s happening to me…”

It’s not fair! Hospitals shouldn’t turn away people because they have no money! There should be… there should be some other solution… You had dreams… to climb the mountain, to look down on the world from the top of Mt. Kangchenjunga. To see the world and spread peace… you were supposed to-!”


You… you…”

Shush now, Rohan… it’s okay, my childhood friend.”


You’re bleeding! I’m going to get the doctor!”

No, i-it’s okay… please, just stay here with me, Rohan.”

“…Okay. Don’t worry; I’m not going anywhere.”

Can I ask you to do something for me… a-after I go?”

W-what is it?”

I know you wanted to climb that mountain with me… and see the world from the top, too. So, I want to ask you… to ascend without me.”

I-I can’t do that…!”

Please… don’t stay near my grave every day… you’re like a brother to me and I… I want you to continue living life and connecting with others… Don’t climb by yourself, okay? Take someone with you… who will protect you… and… and… watch…” – Cough, Cough… – “over… you…”

Anala? Anala! Anala! ANALA!!!”



Rohan sat up quickly, looking about the room with stiffness creeping down his spine. He sat in a spacious cave, the light crackling from a tall fire fueled by wood and stones.

Rohan quickly realized that he was under a blanket of wool and he wasn’t wearing his climber’s gear, just his clothes underneath as he sat next to the flesh-warming flames.


Rohan – a brown man with luscious black hair, a baby face, and brown eyes with small stubble on his chin – eyed the meat that rested on the other side of the fire along with a cup of water the width of Rohan’s height.

Without a second thought, he scurried over to the water and sunk his face into the clear, sweet liquid. Bubbles surfaced as Rohan smiled contently.


Droplets trickled down the man’s grinning face before the climber stumbled over to the steaming meat and began tearing at it, his stomach roaring like a road-loving jaguar.

So thirsty, so hungry… God, this is amazing!”

Once he had humbled his hogged hunger, he stood up and began exploring the cave. In the back of the cave, there was a small space that he could crawl through.


Icy water puddles could be seen in the pathway and sharp rocks collected on the other side. Rohan then turned his attention to one of the most prominent features of the cave: the two paintings on the wall.

With the low light of the flickering fire, Rohan examined them. They were varied and wild, written in dried blood. It depicted a huge white monster pursued by ibexes and men with spears. The next painting showed the monster from the back, standing on the ledge of the mountain, and looking down at the world below. Rohan could see the misty clouds and wintry wind circling the giant’s white figure.

Incredible…” whispered Rohan, gaping. “Whoever did this is some kind of master artist…”

Rohan reached out to touch the painting, his hand inching slowly to the icy walls.


He stopped cold when he felt a hot breath wave over his entire body. It was extremely odorous and overwhelming, stinging Rohan’s eyes.

With blood racing through his veins, goosebumps rigged, and hairs standing on edge, Rohan slowly turned behind him.

Wha… what…?”

His eyes met a monstrous-looking, 18-foot beast with white fur and powerful limbs. The beast’s face was like that of a monkey’s but with the snout of a grizzly bear and the yellow eyes of a serpent. His face was more wrinkly than an old man’s, his ears were like a kitten’s, and his entire body was covered in a thick white fur, the uncovered parts (belly, hands, face) an almost pinkish color.

Want… se-conds?” asked the creature in a deep, soul-piercing voice that echoed throughout the cave.

Rohan couldn’t answer, however, as his eyes rolled to the back of his skull as he fell back.


(Sorry about the size shift after the intentional size shifting/color shading. The rest of the work, on my site, doesn’t look that)

Alright, so, like I said – it’s rather short so this is a good amount of it I think to entice. Anyway, it’s all free so you can just download it here : http://abdullahx.wixsite.com/thexstore and leave a review in the “Books” section or on my blog here! I’m VERY excited about this as it means bigger and better things to come. I’ve already got several other better manuscripts in the making and will be released soon. As such, I’ll be including the link to my new store in all my posts for the coming weeks. And that is all, folks. (If I missed anything, I’ll just come back and update it – you won’t even notice) So, please, check out the site, bookmark it or follow it via the mailing list and show it some love. I want to do big things and I hope you’ll be the people to elevate me. And with that, I’m out! Have a great day!


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