So, we got a deal, then?”

Hell naw, we ain’t got no motherfuckin’ deal! This is a goddamn scam and you fuckin’ know it!”

You better watch your tongue, little boy. I was running these streets before your momma was letting you suck milk from her fat black titty.”


Say that shit again, motherfucker, I dare you. Say one more word ‘bout my mama ‘gain and I’ll put holes in your fat ass!”

You put holes in me, my guys’ll put holes in you. And then who’s gonna make money?”


Exactly. Sit, and let’s-”


Whoa, what the fu-”


Dispatch to Velazquez.”

Go for Velazquez.”

We got a shooting reported at the penthouse suite of the Dual Bay Hotel.”

Got it. On my way.”

The car reared around in an illegal U-turn, before speeding off to the designated hotel. The detective – a light-skinned man with cropped black hair, a square jaw, intense black eyes, and a low beard – exited his car once he pulled up in the hotel lobby, the inside of the building already swarming with media buzz and police cars outside. Sighing, the detective cracked his neck before walking into the hotel.

Detective! What do you have to say about this so far?”

Detective, any news on the murder?”

Detective, who do you think was killed?”



Sorry, people, but I’ve got a murder to solve here. If you’ll excuse me.”

After somehow managing to get past the story-hungry reporters, Detective Velazquez followed a fellow police officer to the elevator, where they promptly elevated to their designation.

Whew,” breathed the cop, “damn reporters are hungry as vultures sometimes.”

Yeah,” replied the detective. “‘People die, sure. Now, let’s see what we can report and make money out of misconstruing.’ I swear, some of these sons of bitches are worse than the killers.”


The detective and the officer stepped off, turning the corner and walking down the hall. The door to the suite opened and inside was a grizzly scene. On the floor, in chairs, or slumped against walls, were seven dead bodies with bullet holes adding orifices to them. Around them were officers taking pictures or looking over the scene.

Detective Rico,” greeted another investigator.

What do we got here?”

Well, this one will make you roll in laughter – turns out our murder ‘victims’ are drug lords and members from the drug gangs. The first drug leader has been identified as Juarez ‘The Vet’ Vita; a retired, old, fat fuck that had been in the game for over 15 years. The other one is the leader of the Bone Heads and his name’s Terryl Rhodes or ‘Road Killa.’”

Rico knelt down, looking over the scene with scrutinizing, narrowed eyes. “Seems like they were having a meeting…”

Yeah. We think someone in the meeting got up and shot them.”

Rico’s eyes looked over a few of the slumped over gangsters. “No, I think they were all killed by somebody else.”

What makes you say that?”

Well, for one, the bullets for all of them came this way” – Rico motioned in his direction – “and not in random directions like it would do if you had this many guys together. I think they were assassinated.”

How would one killer get the drop on all these guys, though?”

Rico stood up and walked over to a window, opening it. The wind blew sharply as Rico looked at the ledge, turning his head to the right and left.

Well… it’d be easy if he were here the entire time anyway.”

Part 2 Coming soon!

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