Pt. 1:

You think they were just crouching by the window? Like Batman?”

It’d make sense, don’t you think? Guy waits here for the meeting, blasts them with the element of surprise, and then dips out.”

Can’t prove it, though,” replied the investigator. “Any evidence of anyone being there has probably been blown away.”

Yeah… dirt doesn’t tend to stain for long.”

Detective Rico!”

Rico and the investigator turned around to see a police officer rushing in.

What is it?” asked Rico.

We got a witness here that says he’s seen the killer!”

Bring him in now!”

Yes, sir.”

The cop brought in an old, unkempt man with a chest-length, pale beard. He was covered in stains – trash and urinal – and his pupils differed in shape.

H-hi…?” whispered the man. He held a torn teddy bear as he slowly stepped into the room. The other investigators exchanged amused glances.

You said you’ve seen something?”

Y-yes, I’ve seen some things!” exclaimed the old man, suddenly loud and forceful. “I’ve seen war – ‘nam, the Cold War… I’ve seen hell… it ain’t pretty!”

Rico sighed, the other investigators snickering behind his back. “Damn it… he’s not even all there. Get him out of here.”

Yes, sir,” replied the officer. He walked forward and grabbed hold of the old man’s arm. “Come on, sir. Let’s get you somewhere where you can get help.”

I saw him!” exclaimed the man suddenly.

“‘Saw?’ What did you see?”

A man running from this building – he was carrying a gun, and he threw the bag in the dumpster.”

Show us where!”

After having fished it out of the garbage and given the evidence to forensics, Rico sat in a small restaurant with his fellow detective, mulling over the case and waiting for news anxiously.


Hello?! What do you got? Uh-huh… uh-huh… Name? Nat Queen. Right… good, good. Great, thanks!”

So?” asked the other detective.

Alright, so we found some hairs on that coat. It was from a guy named Nat Queen. No last known location. It was said that three years ago he’s lost his daughter and brother at the hands of one of the dons from some gang war.”

Ah, so that’s why he was after these guys… which don was it?”

No clue, but it doesn’t really matter. I’ve got an idea on how to catch him.”


Rico just smirked and took off, hands in pocket.

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