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Part 2:

In a dark room of a rundown apartment, a man sat before a box TV.

A breaking news report came in today – apparently, the two infamous drug lords, Juarez Vita and Terryl Rhodes, have been released from the hospital. It was previously assumed they were killed by an unknown assailant but-”

…What?!” the man hissed, squeezing the remote tight enough to break it.


The man turned to the small table beside him and picked up his phone, answering it.


Hey, did you hear the news?”

Yeah, I’m watching the bullshit right now. I know I got them! How are they still alive?!”

What? What are you talking about?”

The news! Aren’t you talking about the dons?”

No, man! I’m talking about the word on the street that the dons are organizing a meeting. Rumor’s saying that they wanna band together to kill the guy who took shots at ‘em – a.k.a. YOU.”

Urgh… DAMN IT!”

The man, a shadowy figure on a rooftop, watched the designated meeting place from afar. He had a bag of guns in hand and a hateful face hidden beneath a mask.

I can’t believe you’re still alive, Vet… I’m gonna finish the job for sure this time!”

The man set the bag down and pulled out from it a pair of binoculars. The area he peered at through the binoculars was a small bar, rundown and dirty.

Where are you…? Where are you? WHERE ARE YOU?!”


The man stopped short, his eyes glancing out from his peripheral vision and his grip on his binoculars tightening.

Don’t,” warned a vehement voice, “or I will kill you.”

A deep sigh escaped the man’s lips, his grip loosening on his binoculars.


Rico and a few other detectives looked through the one-way glass at their suspect.

Nathan Jon Queen. 32 years old, single-child, parents both deceased. Daughter and brother killed by the Vet a year ago, and as such, he’s been a bit of a nut. We found, in his bag, several heavy pieces of weaponry. He was prepared to go war, Detective.”

Rico grimaced. “Well, the soldier’s detained and the war’s over. Let’s go speak to him.”

Rico and another detective exited the observation room and entered the interrogation room, sitting down across Nat.

Nat was a sullen, bald man with a dead look and bags below his red eyes. His eyes followed their every movement, yet the pupils never moved.


So, it was you…” remarked Nat, looking at Rico. “You were the one who put a gun to my neck on the rooftop?”

Yeah, that was me,” confirmed Rico. “Listen, Nat, I understand that you-”

That was pretty good, you know? Tricking me like that… using the media, knowing I would see it and then putting word on the street like that… you’re good, detective. I’m surprised, though.”


I mean, why would law enforcement care if I took care of a couple crooked dons?”

You did it illegally. It wasn’t your right-”



Nat slammed his fist on the table. Rico remained calm, simply staring at the man.

That son of a bitch took everything from me… my brother, my daughter, my sleep, my sanity, my humanity… everything, because of HIM!


Shut up… I don’t want to talk anymore. I don’t want to hear any ethical lectures. I just wanna speak to my lawyer.”

Fine,” replied Rico, sighing. He and the detective stood up and left the room, leaving Nat alone.

The man bowed his head, the memories of his family’s death resurfacing again. Slow sobs and sniffles snuck from him as he sat in the dark room, locked in his dark mind.

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