He $+0pped ne@r @ g@$ $+@+10n, & l00ked 1n+0 the m1rr0r. +here he w@$ – @ m0n$+er reb0rn. H1$ n@me w@$…

My n@me 1$n’+ 1mp0r+@n+… 1+ never w@$… wh@+ w@$ 1mp0r+@n+ +hen?”

He ₵0n+1nued ne@r +he r1ver – h1$ f1n@l re$+1ng pl@₵e.

$he… $he w@$ 1mp0r+@n+ +0 me… bu+ $he w@$ t@ken @w@y fr0m me… by my 0wn greed. 1 m0le$+ed her, ye+ her ₵h@$+1+y rem@1ned… 1 ₵@n $+1ll remember 1+ @$ ₵le@r @$ d@y… my 0wn m1$+@ke & +he f1r$+ d@y 0f my de@+h…”

1t w@$ r@1n1ng – 1 remember 1t w@$ r@1n1ng. Ye$, 1t w@$ p0ur1ng h@rd. 1t $h0uld’ve been… @ l0ved 0ne w@$ $upp0$ed +0 d1e th@t n1gh+… be₵@u$e 0f my greed. 1 remember 1t $0 v1v1dly: the dre@ry w0rld, the ₵l1mb up the $l1ppery $tep$ – ₵0uld’ve been @ $l0pe – the enter1ng 0f my gr& h0u$e, & the $mell 0f $1n $eren@d1ng the w@ll$. 1 @$₵ended t0 the r00m – THE r00m – & 1 $@w “her” p01$0ned, t@1nted, pu$hed p@$t pre$$ure… & 1 ₵r1ed. 1 b0wed d0wn & ₵r1ed. 1 ₵0uldn’t pr@y t0 G0d @$ He w@$ there @lre@dy & h@d ₵ur$ed me… & her, t00. But 1t w@$ my 0wn de@dly $1n, @ $1n bey0nd $even, th@t br0ught her t0 the p01$0n. 1t ₵0ur$ed thr0ugh her ve1n$ pr0udly, wh1le 1 $@t @$h@med.

He $t00d 0n the br1dge n0w, te@r$ 1n h1$ eye$. He g@zed up0n the m1dn1ght 0₵e@n & the w@ter wel₵0med h1m w@rmly. 1t $ung t0 h1m – @ repr1eve fr0m gu1lt 0ffered.

My 0wn l1fe 1$ my 0wn f@ult… her de@th 1$ my f@ult t00… Greed… @ ₵r1me w1th1n ₵r1me…”

H1$ f00t ne@red the edge, the l0w n1ght w1nd edg1ng h1m @l0ng l1ke @ f1ery be1ng 0n the left.

1 l0ved her… 1 l0ved her $0 mu₵h… 1 ₵0uld never h0ld her… but 1 l0ved her $0 mu₵h…”

He ₵0uld $we@r he $@w the Dev1l’$ refle₵t10n 1n the $h@d0wy w@ter$, be₵k0n1ng h1m w1th @ l0ng, wr1nkly f1nger. He ₵l0$ed h1$ eye$ & jumped.

1’m $0rry… G00dbye…”


On a side note, I just want to apologize and congratulate all those who were able to even decipher all of that. Believe me – it was a hard write to make but unique, I think.

Original Image

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