Spilt Rage

I’m a cup and you

Have tipped me over, spilling

Feel my fiery fist.

Lustfully Fit

Freedom dead; and chains

Issue time away from me

Thrown in bed with sin.

A Grinding Glutton

Indeed, long I grind

Consume! So hungry, my mind

A one of a kind.

A Simple Sloth

I’m a simple sloth

Cloth cleans me dry, no food? I

Cry then. Tired this time.

Amen, Avarice

I pray to thee, pride!

Grant me hubris, love, and life

Give me wealth and might!

Gimme, Gimme! (Greed)

Gimme, gimme, now!

I want it all here – right now!

All of the world now!

Everyone’s Elicit Envy

Look, little leaflings

Every eon’s end – envy

Hides heartlessly here.

Original Image

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