Shondra: Hello.

Gregory: Hi.

Shondra: How are you?

Gregory: I’m doing quite well. 🙂 Thanks for asking. Hbu?

Shondra: Yw, and Im doing okay, too. (:

Gregory: So, where are you from?

Shondra: The US. California, specifically. You?

Gregory: Nice! 😀 J’m in Cali, too, actually. That’s pretty cool. So how old are you?

Shondra: I’m 22. And you?

Gregory: I’m 25! 😛

Shondra: Awesome (:

Gregory: So, tell me about yourself, Shondra. What types of things do you like/dislike? Hobbies? Dreams for the future?

Shondra: Well, I like reading, running, and sleeping a lot lol. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. I like chocolate, nice people, and I hate fakes… I wanna be a surgeon and I’ve been studying to be one in a few years. Hbu?

Gregory: Wow, that’s awesome! We have some of the same interests, it seems. Me, I like running, boxing, and climb stuff – trees, mountains, houses, you name it. I also sleep like a rock and snore like a grizzly bear. Besides that, I read and write sometimes, and I want to be a pilot.

Gregory: Climbing, I meant to say.

Shondra: You sound really adventurous. C: That’s super cool how you like doing so many activities. Most guys I know just like staying indoors and playing Call of Duty or some shit lol.

Gregory: Well, you know, I’m not like most guys. 😛 I tend to actually do shit, ya know? I mean, we’ve only got one life to live, so why not spend it doing something ACTUALLY fun.

Shondra: Haha, exactly :p

Gregory: Speaking of fun, I’ve got a question for you, if I may ask it.

Shondra: Sure, go ahead

Gregory: I should be honest and say this (and hopefully you won’t end the conversation abruptly cuz of it) but I was wondering if you were open to sexting? Now, I know how that might sound, but hear me out: I mean, there must be a time or two where you feel a little bored or maybe you just wanna have some fun with some guy, but you know they’ll just take it too damn far. I mean, we’re all human in the end, and romantic partners tend to leave damned quick. And I’m not suggesting a sort-of “Hey, gimme a nude?” type of thing. More like, we’re friends, we talk like this, but whenever we feel like it, we might get frisky or so, virtual style lol. All the fun, with no strings attached. What do you say?

Shondra: I appreciate you asking politely, but I’m going to have to pass, sorry. I’m not really into the whole sexting thing tbh.

Gregory: Aw, you sure? There’s no changing your mind?

Shondra: Afraid not. Sorry

Gregory: Alright. Fine. You fucking slut-ass bitch. Let me just find where you live and come take what I want. I tried to ask politely, but NO! A bitch wants to be a motherfucking bitch, you fucking whore.

Shondra: Wtf?

Gregory: Your days are numbered, bitch. You’re closer to me than I thought.

Shondra quickly exited the website and shut the laptop, throwing it to the bed. She exhaled softly, draping her hand over her forehead.

Ugh… Why are there only sex-hungry creeps on that fucking site? I swear to God, I am never going on there ever again in my entire life…


Shondra slowly turned to her window and saw, standing outside of it, holding a knife and wearing a ski mask, was a hooded man.


The man cackled slowly, as Shondra jumped out of the chair, gaping in fear and shock.

What’s up, bitch? Hope you’re wet and ready…” The man raised his knife – CRASH! – and entered the room. “…‘cause I’m hard as a rock.”

No-no-no-no-no-no-no! Get the fuck away from me! Help, HELP! AAAHHHHH!!!

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