My brothers and sisters, across the world are beat,

Battered, and brutalized, yet we won’t know defeat

For we will be Kings and Queens wearing satin sheets.

Even when they disdain your name

O, Great Man of Honor, we follow your example ever the same

And though we err, intercede for us, o Man of Honor, sweet and tame.

They burn and scorch the Word with words and fire

But the power within Your pages is higher

And its Truth will forever rest in our hearts, never to tire.

O, great (two) cities of great men and women, rest with peace

And know that pious, deceased

Souls lived within your confines – hearts whole-pieced.

Dear Great One, split oceans and summon quakes

In guard against evil, for good to take

In the world and speak Your Name for Love’s sake.

How I love this spiritual way,

For it gives flames to a fiery day

And, when the sea splits, keeps evil at bay.

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