He’s coming, he’s coming (Pause!)!”

Run, run, run (Does he really have to say it that much?)!”

It’s getting closer!”

What is it (Your mom in a thong)?”

I don’t know! I’ve never seen anything so big and snarly like that (I have. My Aunt Lou on a Thursday after she’s had a migraine and tea. She gets pissed)!”

It’s so damn fast! It’s going to eat us! It’s going to trap us (You should build a wall to keep it out. That always helps)!”

GROWL! RAWRRH! Rustle-Rustle! GROWL (So, uh… they’re fucked, eh?)!

NO! It’s got my leg! BOBBY (Ah, walk it off. You’ll be fine, drama Queen)!”

I’m sorry! Let go of me, I have to live! I WANT TO LIVE! LET ME FUCKING GO!”



Gotta keep running (Hustle – one, two, three! Oh, this guy’s gonna get eaten alive, ain’t he?)! AHHH! NOO!!! STOPP!!! HELP MEEE!!! (…Yep!)”

Original Image

A Mind Like No Other


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