Here we are again…”

Yeah…” Chuck turned around, his hand in the air. An exasperated sigh crawled from his throat, his eyes shifting left to right. “What are we going to do?”

What do you mean? They came in here, shot our mother in the face, raped our little sister, then killed her, too. We find the two sons of bitches, skin them, shoot them in the stomach, burn them alive, and pee on their bodies, and not necessarily all in that order.”

Come on, Cassius, you know she wouldn’t want that.”

Cassius, an average-height, moderately built blond-haired man with a low-goatee and green eyes, narrowed his eyes to slits and exhumed heat from his nostrils.


The gun in his hand loaded the bullet, Cassius’s steel eyes on his brother. “Are you telling me to forgive? Are you telling me you’re going to forgive?”

Chuck, a shorter, stockier, ginger-haired man with a baby-face and blue eyes, sighed and shook his head. He picked up his assault rifle from the dresser on which it sat and loaded it with a clip. “No… we’re past forgiveness. Far past it. Time to hunt.”

The two drove up to an urban house, their faces masked with black balaclavas. Nighttime had rolled out like a blanket and covered the skies with faded stars. Looking up and down the street, Chuck made sure no one peered through the windows or walked the dimly lit sidewalks before nodding to Cassius, who pulled back the slide and lowly ran with Chuck to the side of the house. They reached into the electrical box and cut the wires, shutting off the lights.

What the fuck…?” they heard a man say from inside. The two crouched low, their hands tight on their weapons.

I remember…” thought Cassius.

Her cooking,” continued Chuck.

Her smile…”

As she told us it’d be alright…”

When we all knew the world was fucked.”

I remember…”

Wrestling our little sis’ and…”

Beating up any boy that did her wrong.”

I remember…”

The thanksgiving dinners and the kisses we’d give to them…”

Before going out to the world to deal so we could survive on this shitty world.”

This guy took them from us…”

He’s gotta pay!”

Fuck him!”

Kill him!”

Shoot him!”


The door opened and two shadowy figures came from around them, hugging themselves tightly.


The two fell dead, blood pooling beneath them. Angrily, Cassius pulled out his flashlight.

Lemme see your faces, you sick sons of… bitches?”

Oh, God…”

On the ground, bleeding with lifeless eyes, was an older lady and a younger girl that looked similar to her.

Oh, God,” repeated Chuck, his breath quickening, his hand reaching up to his hair. “No, no, what just happened? What the fuck just happened?! What did we just do, Cassius, what did we just motherfucking do?!”

Another figure ran around the corner, collapsing to the ground where he saw the two bodies.

Mom! Tracy! What did you do?! What did you sons of bitches do?!”

Cassius shone his light on the man’s face, shuttering and shaking, his eyes wide. “That’s not him…”

What…?” Chuck asked, looking to him incredulously.

That’s not him…”

Lights were being turned on, sirens heard in the distance.

How is it not him?! Did we just kill an innocent motherfucker?! Cassius! CASSIUS!”

Cassius turned and ran, Chuck still shuddering and collapsing, rocking back and forth, whispering, “Why didn’t we see it? Why didn’t we see it?! WHY DIDN’T WE SEE IT?!

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