He stopped now, the rain pouring down on him promptly. It trickled down his naked body, soaking his skin in clear heavenly guidance. His feet grew tired from the battering of the ground beneath him, his sole quickly growing numb as he walked past the sky-reaching trees and their shadowing, green palms. Their fingers outstretched several feet, graciously allowing several small critters – squirrels, monkeys, parrots, bugs – to sit and peer down at the man as he stumbled through the wet, muddy forest floors and humid airs with low mists.

He heard it everywhere: SPLASH! SPLASH! They were running too, in the same direction that he ran toward. What were they were running to? Why were they running? Was that what they were made for? Were they even made?

He didn’t know, but he kept running anyway. It just felt right, like he had to do it or he wouldn’t be him anymore. It pulled him to the ends of the forests, but the deeper he went, the forest became larger and lusher, more twisted and chilly. He tired often – PANT, PANT! – but something kept him going, something he couldn’t name inside. It was stronger than a heartbeat but still felt like one.

Past the trees he went and stopped he near a river. The river was clear and rushed past, carrying glittering, shiny stones ranging from ocean blue and purple to orange and bloody red. His eyes ignored the stones as he hopped across the river and kept running. The storm was building now, obstacles like steep, mossy hills keeping him back. Yet, he climbed them and found his way, shivering, through the cold.

Finally, he stopped running. The pull tore in half and took off into two separate roads beyond the trees. The man panted, chest rising then falling, as he watched the others take one path and ignore the other. The first road’s path was littered with a road of light but he saw the Devil waiting to the right, to the left, to the front, and to the back. Then, the other road had no clear path, and it turned with darkness with no apparent end to it. No one walked that path and the pull was weaker there.

With a deep breath and a wide jump, the man sprinted to the road not taken, to venture and learn, and to endure all the demons, frosty or hellish, found there – to see the light that might be at the end.


2 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken

    1. Thank you very much. Yes, life just seems to be one, giant, wildlife-like maze with splitting paths, doesn’t it? Some navigate through it, some don’t. Thank you for commentating!

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