Hello, all! It’s me – Abdullah. Yes, yes, the rather silent face behind the blog which nearly half a 100 people follow (so appreciated for it, by the way)! I decided to do something a little different this time around and, instead of just posting flash fictions or poems, I’d take a moment and properly let you know the man behind the screen. Also, I want to tell you about a poetry collection/book I’ve finished and am going to share over the next few days.

But first, let me tell you a little about myself just to give personality to this blog, eh? (Because why not? Unless I’m a robot in disguise, who knows?) So, if you haven’t noticed, my name’s Abdullah. I’m about 18, born in Illinois, Chi-town. I live in Texas now, and it’s quite… hot. That’s all I got for it, honestly. But it’s nice. Anyway, I’m African-American, short as all hell, and have been writing all my life but only recently seriously got into writing a year and a half ago.

Some of my favorite genres are crime, psychological thrillers, fantasy, adventure, etc. I really read whatever’s good, but I’ve found myself enjoying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes so far. I am also getting into “A Song of Fire and Ice” by GRRM, so that’s exciting.

I want to explain also, why I haven’t updated any flash fictions this past week. The reason is because I suffer from a wrist injury (two, actually) that force me to wear casts to stabilize the pain and keep it at bay. This has worked for what it needed to do but has also allowed it to get worse to the point where it hurts to type. To that end, I intend to post fewer flash fictions (maybe lowered to once a week instead) for a temporary period as I am also a student, and I have to get used to getting that underway. Once these situations, or at least the school situation, has been handled, I’ll return to posting flash fictions, but until then, only poetry.

Speaking of poetry, I’d like to advertise my new upcoming poetry collection: “Flames from the Black.” It’s basically a 50-paged collection of about 30 poems I wrote, varying in forms from my own variation of the sonnet form to sestinas to tankas to a series of couplets. Over the course of next week, I’ll be posting three-five poems or so from that book, posting them on here, and analyzing them for you guys. Hopefully, once you get a glimpse you might be interested in checking it out. Oh, it’s also free, and I’ll put the PDF on my blog or (shameless plug) my online bookstore: The X Store.

Anyway, just wanted to catch you all up to date, and let peeps know what’s going on and what’s to come. Thank you, everyone, for liking my posts, for following, for commenting, for all of that! I appreciate it so much and I hope it continues to grow into something more big, and more beautiful. See you guys soon!


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