Above the water’s depths it floats, with wings

Of blue, its body dark like night with blue

Its hue. It flies with graceful ease and sings

With not a word, and only heard by few.

It docks near woody piers and hops across,

And onward floats its wings, the shimmering

Blueness returned to bless the jealous’s loss

With beauty bound by God, air, and sea’s glimmery

Matching blue hue, the sky above as well,

And smile they do at the butterfly’s blue

As its wings spread to take to skies and tell

Adventures to the other ones with its bright hue.

So marvel, watch, and gape with awe for Earth

Has blessed the butterflies upon their birth.

Original Image

If you like my poetry, check out this free PDF poetry collection of mine called “Flames from the Black”: flames-from-the-black


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