Dear Lover,

Awaken, love of mine, to days of joy felt from you. Awake to words from I to you, from love of mine to touch your heart and soul. Can I compare my love for you to anything among the world? The thought of it is crime against your beauty! Attempt I may, but fail I will. You are, to me, a Moon that rests above at night. You peer through shadowed clouds, embracing lands with light. How sweet your heart! A temple, pure and clean. My Queen, are you a goddess masked? Indeed, you bring aplenty blessings – green to graying bodies, peace to hateful minds, and heat to flameless souls. How smart you are, dear Queen! To know the world yet be so young with beauty, brimming with life and prompting heart of mine so sweet. My body aches for you so painful, my darling lover. It seeks your touch like budded flower’s yearn a buzzing touch from honey bees. It needs your lips, the lips of freedom sky-flown. How I do seek to run my hands around your body, up and down and everywhere without an end beyond horizon’s head. Your soul behaves like flowing water, trickling, racing, lifting dirt from grounds unearthed and cleansing harms. You care so much, a mother-born sweetheart. To love you means adoring life, for you are breath to me, that which so kindly keeps alive my beating heart and brightened soul. For you, I am. To marry you, to live with you in bliss forever, to bathe in love with everything I ever wanted – you. And though this distance brings us pain, let love heal all our suffers, shivers, raw and hidden, closed behind our mental doors. Be mine forever, my dear lover, shining bright, our Moon above. Implores to you, to stay with me until the end of time; beyond it even. Need eclipses simple human want. You are my cure to sickly plague, a light to darkened blindness, and love to stony hearts. Eternal love is ours, always shall it last. I love you, my Moon and stars.

Your lover,



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