Know me; recognize me for who I am. If you know not of my identity, just wait. You’ll learn promptly.

My family exists in forms of many – a snowy blank, an earthy black, a sunset’s red, a sunrise’s yellow, a sandstorm’s brown.

I am the shield in which invisible enemies try vanquishing your inner self and are prevented fierce.

However, fear has colored me as well, when facing family of other forms. The sword is sharp, and manifests in words or violence of hatred.

I clothe oppressors and oppressed alike. I suffer knives or bullets, strength at limits; soft to hardness.

A-many things have met my surface: whips in leather, cracked too fierce. I fear the Fiery Beast, majestically evil, held down by fifty thousand chains; each chain held by fifty thousand angels. I grow weary with age, and fade away to layers ‘neath.

I shiver when a fellow member walks past me, for fear of death eludes me not. I am adorned in scars, apparent or hidden. Sins of men I see and wish so harsh to be separated from disgusting acts.

I am a slave attached to master, loved or not. I have been subjected to change of nature, color switch of illness or the illness mentalized by humans.

I am the first of which you see upon a person. Yearn your fingers do to feel my texture; passion-tingles bright inside of me.

Know me by name, remember, and do not forget that I exist for I am with your heart in every waking Sun, to every sleeping Moon. I hold a fear of flames but love for cleanliness.

I’m an extension of your being, thick or tough. Remember me! You never will be rid of me. Remember me, in life and death.

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