Oh, riddle, riddle; fiddled strings sing puzzled songs! Existence is but a starch companion to death. And what separates life and death better than I?

Lovers and life alike hate me, for time and patience are the key through crossing my sea. Long are the hours you spend with me, night merges with day then day into darkness again.

I lengthen your goals, extend your roads, and when you are alone in your travels, I am your greatest friend and enemy. I smell your growling impatience or taste your rousing relief upon facing me. Babies scream in agony when I separate them from mothers, children find relief when I bring them away from monsters. All have hated and loved me at times and ages asunder, and called upon my name when they have set foot beyond their bed.

Lovers I keep apart curse me at night, but praise God for my birth when anger sets upon them. Coffins hum hymns of murderous intent upon the feet I assign to them, clouds annoyed from how high or low they are to man, and trees for the limits and allowances for what I give.

But I exist not for your feelings, but to separate. I am the ultimate separator. Death is my brother, as no two things separate the lovers of life more than we.

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