You are a shadow, you cross the light and fade in shapes and long sizes. You hang to the necks of people and burden them as an imitator, nothing written more in your character nor reflected in your being.

You are poison, that which consumes and buries in pain and agony. Suffering be only your purpose and in your contents, you share with others until their skin becomes a purple-green and lips of gray.

You are erosion, that which takes apart the skin of nature and which takes into the wind the purity emblazoned gold. Your only motive is destruction of what eyes can eye, what breath can breathe, and what your touch can touch. You bleed into our world the red of rotting rain.

You are a storm, and with you comes fog and rain and lightning that harms and frightens and booms and scares. You blacken the sky and lengthen the rain; you fill the floods with murder and rot away the charitable trees; you strike the houses and give tears to children.

You are fire. You burn and take the bodies of all. You tempt the young into your arms with screaming signs of warnings from others, but you feign such magnificence to pierce their souls with forks and flickers. Sparks be your soul, and omens of anger are your fuel. No better could burn a passion other than you for your being is bound to hate and destroy all that life aspires to grow in purity, in presence, and in shimmering spirituality. You tickle with ticking excitement to eat what grows before it can feed off the natural world and you reduce to ash what could’ve been other than black dust.

Cursed be what you are! Cursed be you, and all your children!

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