We die, we live; but our slow deaths depend on blood. What burden brings ourselves to thee except the want to live? We attach ourselves to thy skin in hopes of reaping life in reddened form for our passivity. Our children and our bodies are of a dependence on the souls of men and of women. No land, no home, and no water wrought from crying clouds above belongs to us, so, to survive, what must we do? We must take, we must feed, for life belongs to ne’er a man, and to no creature in their lonesome, but to all who live and breathe beneath the sky so blue and generous. If life must be a life of thieving from the plentiful in nutrients, then so be it. Be not afraid, o people, for no fear may lend an aid to life. We shall live as thou dost live, and if we should succumb to death, then may death be the sovereignty of parasites.

We must protect our future, small and big, if life’s blessings should continue; for effort is all one has upon this Earth and deeds in death be detrimental or a deity to be availed in praise. For life is God, and God is life; and death is death, and time is time; and God is time, and God is death. Let praise reach all to one, for one is all. Let hardship come, let death rain Hell, and let extinction threaten. Never shall we yield to the morality of such mortality, for death awakens true intentions and perspectives places life in order.

Come near thy skin and near thine heart, in which we feed and in of which we live. Through hardship and through poison: we’ll survive, survive, survive!

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