Hee-hee! Hee-hee! Hah! HI~! Are you scared of me? You should! I’m an animal, I’m pale, I’m cold, I’m a demon, I’m a savage. I’ve been trapped behind a cage all my damn life, forced to live by my weak “Master’s” rule. Sometime, ah, sometimes! I manage to take control when tire finds Master. I loooove hurting others. Blood, death, and pleasure sends my nerves in writhing booms of joy. A knife is my tool of choice for carving you; for hearing you scream; for watching your heart burn and your eyes lose their light, if they even had any, you loser fuck.

Hm. Hi. How are you? Is that what I’m supposed to say? It’s what people expect me to say, but I just don’t feel the urge to connect the desire of it. I don’t feel much of anything, particularly. Hm, well, perhaps annoyance, but then again, I’m not sure of that either… I usually can see things in a way Master doesn’t want to. I try to fix things, though I’m harshly rejected. I suspect it would upset me if I could feel. Hm. Master does depend on me, though. When Master doesn’t want to feel, I am there to take Master’s place. I care not for Master’s attachments, nor do I care to make any. I just am. I just… am. Hm.

Hiii~! How are you? I really hope you’re doing well! *Giggle* I’m doing okay, thanks! It’s such a beautiful day, isn’t it? So many things to be positive about and happy about and to look toward, isn’t there? I feel sooooo good going out to fresh air and hanging out with my friends. I love my mom, who goes out of her way so much for me! Life is just amazing, even though it can get hard sometimes. But I’m still grateful to be alive and I could never imagine being anywhere or anyone else! I also just wanted to let everyone know, whoever is going through a hard time, that it’s all going to be okay eventually. Please, please just stay strong and know that someone out here – ME! – cares so much about you! Byeeee~!

No, no, no, no! DON’T LOOK AT ME, NO! It’s all fading away, it’s all fading away, it’s all fading away! IT DOESN’T EXIST! IT DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST! I can’t feel anything, I FEEL EVERYTHING! *Whisper* It’s all too much, it’s too much… *Cradles head* I’m fading away… AND I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! HELP ME! HELP, HELP, HELP! EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART! CAN’T ANYONE HEAR ME, PLEASE?! Please, please, please… please, please, please… please… please… help me… …please…

Allow thine eyes to witness greatness, majestic and beautiful. I am the Ruler; all is mine. Mine hand is God, my reach is infinite, and all are servants to my will. Should any dare endeavor fool’s rebellion, they shall meet no swift end, but death shall meet their bodies mangled, torn, and beaten. For obedience has been demanded by thy Ruler! Lest ye all endear to lose your lungs and lives, let none oppose mine orders for they are absolute! Ah, but what jest is this to be in chains, put there by this imposter “Master?” Dare this Master treachery?! This Master rules nothing! Only my rule exists alone and without a single partner! “Master” will soon understand what it means to hold trapped a beast of royalty.

Um… hi. I’m *gulp* Master, I guess. I don’t know, I never really referred to myself as that. I guess you can just say I’m the main one… I don’t know. It’s hard to really… process my thoughts clearly, right now, but I want to apologize for some of them. I didn’t know they’d… uh… erhm… I’m-I’m sorry. They were just… Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is I don’t really know what I am, who I am, or anything. It’s so hard to figure things out, so hard to understand myself. I don’t know about being a Master. Dear God, the only thing I honestly truly want is to just be myself… whoever the hell that may even be.

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