The poets of the nation scribed

Shall last like fleeting Israelites

And shall be salvaged by the ink

That permeates their being’s soul

Unto the stone of infin’ty.

Awake from thine haze of defeat

And struggle in the daily duel

Of battle with thy demons’ lives

In hopes of seeing future springs.

Say goodnight to thy most belov’d
As what thou lov’st so dear
Mayth vanish ‘way

I laid one night in my bed, waiting for the stars to bring down the Heavens. While I watched the night, my mother entered and beside me sat.

“Do you often stay awake midnight’s time?” asked she.

“Only when I refuse to breathe,” said I.

“Why do you suffocate?”

“Because I hate this place and lack love for you.”

“But I am your mother, your star, your–”

“You are my obstacle, my chains, my burden.”

And I was alone again with the pouring stars, crashing sky, raging hate, and loneliness.

My pain be of naught

If the river of the pen

Ceased to channel it.

Desire fades not except in love’s true form. 

I am now posting on several media sites as much as possible on top of Instagram. If you ever want to see more individualized posts and artistic photos such as above, then please see to the following social links and follow them for their respective updates. Thanks, and much love!

IG: @MrAbdullahX

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Tumblr: @MrAbdullahX

(I see a pattern here…)


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