Hast thou e’er met a beaut
Who sparks thine heart fervid
With fev’rish  passion’s hue
That erupts in a kiss
Upon her belov’d lips?

I have something to prove.

Indeed, I set the seed

To grow beyond myself

Into the clouds above,

Where there God shows His love

And the gold is hand-built

By every word inscribed

And every rhyme upheld.

Be not afraid;

Thy will shall steer thee clear

And light shall shine upon thy pen

For etern’ty.

Thy spirit wanes and writhes in pain,

And thou think’st best to surrender?

Nay, but to burn so willingly

For gold requires a courage yond

Any hath seen upon this realm.

“You think you can save her? Every touch you lay rends her heart asunder!”



“The only way to heal her… is to destroy her.”

Between these two worlds

Is a point where breath can breathe

In relief of death.


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