“Where is it, where is it?”

“Lisa, slow down!”

“Wait, Lisa!”

Rustle, rustle!

Three small figures dashed through the green standing strands: a young, freckled, blue-eyed boy with a blonde bowl-cut; a dull-zaffre eyed, bright-skinned girl – slightly younger than him – with hazel bright hair that followed the wind in flow; and a girl with a muddy blonde tress and stark irises sprinting ahead of the former two.

“Lisa!” cried the boy. “Lisa, Mom said we can’t run away too far!”

“You’re not getting away, little rat…” muttered Lisa, trampling over flowers and butterflies and anthills, racing through the outspread plain, surrounded by pale-hued evergreens.

A small brown fur-coated critter hopped – meandering – left and right, whirling Lisa’s eyes in opposing directions. It skipped under blades, clouded by calm green. Birds oversaw the chase from their perch upon the branches, complacent clouds swimming forth. The Sun glared down heat, peering through the skins of every walking creature to their bones.

“Ugh!” groaned she, leaping some moments after to seize it.


The boy and the girl behind arrived beside her, panting with strings of sweat careening down their flushed faces. Hands on their knees, hunched over, the two gasped and shined smiles upon Lisa’s rise from ground; in her hand, she held a bunny.

It was petite and furry, gray-brown with black-red eyes. It’s stone-like nose twitched, lengthy ears bending slightly. Its head glanced around, bod breathing swift.

“I caught it!” exclaimed Lisa brightly, shimmering smiles blanketing the children’s faces. She smirked, glaring down at the creature with eyes aglown in Caesarean conquest.

“Whoa!” exclaimed the other two, leaning in toward the bunny. The blonde-haired girl giggled, tapping it twice on the nose.

“It’s so cute!” said the girl. “Can we keep-”


A small wind blew, brushing the hair of the blonde girl across her small face. Wide-eyed with tears accumulating, her still face implacidly gazing upon the twisted neck of the bunny.

Its head was twisted around, stoic eyes fixed on the sky, skin wrung in folds around its neck. Lisa’s expression remained unchanged, the boy’s hands hooded over his mouth, and the girl, red-eyed with her small pink lips quivering, yielded to her pale knees, hitting strong the rough floor.

“L… Lisa?” whispered the boy. His foot cemented in place, trembling.

“Yes, Tom?” Lisa lifted her head towards him, smiling angelically.

Tom’s eyes refused to blink, his mouth agape – repeatedly opening then retreating without measure for any language – as he stared at Lisa.

“That… that… why did you… why-”

“AAAHHHH!!!!” The other girl shrieked, her howl warding to flight the avians. Lisa frowned at the girl, releasing from her hands the rabbit.

“No!” cried Tom, diving for its body.


He landed on his stomach, chin skidding slightly against the rocks. He held its body in his palms, panting and sobbing quietly at the sight. Lisa gazed down, bewildered. She turned to the sound of approaching footsteps: a middle-aged dirty blonde woman with spectacles and sky blue eyes came near.

She wrapped her arms warmly around Lisa, pulling her tight. The woman then examined the scene: the other girl hysterically sobbing, her chest heaving and her face sister to a rose; the boy staring distraught at the still creature in his hands; Lisa placidly regarding everyone.

“What happened?” cried the woman.

Tom, his blood-tinged face buried in his arms, muttered, “Dead… Lisa… dead…”

The woman shook her head slightly, mind slipping the anchor of understanding.


Tom raised his head, directly staring into the woman’s sky-blue eyes with his bloodshot red, tear drowned eyes. “Lisa… she killed the bunny.,.”

The mother gasped silently, shaking her head again.

“Uh…” stammered she, “there must be some-some mistake…?” She gazed to her daughter, whom she held in her arms.

Lisa closed her eyes, settling into her mother’s arms. She inhaled softly and whispered in a breath: “You lose…”


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