Words of Today #14

Words of Today #14

Ofttimes, I yearn the frigid taste of death –

How sweet and punishing its kiss ‘pon me!

But like a maiden bade to wed, I wait

For death to come for me, rather I it;

For life is greed, lust toils, and hearts seek mates.

Yet, so oft dying allures, Life doth be;

And surely sure, I find more rest in breath.

Eagles soar in search

Of prey; of life to feed from

In freedom’s torn cost.

Do not be troubled; smile and frolic free.

Words of Today #13

Words of Today #13

Though I repress my vengeful thought,

They whisper to the surface, wisped

By Devil flames and savagery.

But hate is conquered true by love:

A hate for hate, a love for love.

What wouldst thou do

If grant’d one wish?

Wouldst thou rescue the world,

Reduce hate, accept all?

The pen ought not destroy

But rather raise the rank

The weak, the crippled, hat’d

To holy heights heav’nly.

Or be more covet’d by desire?