My love, what hast thou seen beyond

This cage our hearts had, like webs, wrung

And smiled upon, and loved so fond?

Tell me, rend mine heart – pain be sung!

What hast thou let succumb our bond?


Woe, woe… Despair in minute happiness,

Light waned to darkness, hardly felt in pain.

Indeed, mine heart hath split in black and bliss:

This freedom is like angel’s drink in rain,

Yet true peace from thee is what I most miss.


Dear Arthur, fallen to my touch,

How have us two – like sand and sea,

Blue skies and their white clouds – let crush

Our symphony of seren’ty,

Our bodies ‘twined til cheeks turned blush?


Naught, o Maxine, but all and everything.

Thine hands are but the warmth shy cold avoids,

And while I need such warmth, I too take wing

To flight from thee, leaving my soul devoid,

Hoping for what the horizon mayth bring.


Allow my touch; relax, my love.

Let burn thy stiffness to the fire

And free the feathers high above

That only could lead where retires

This strong resistance tend’d to strove.


Ah, Maxine, sweet, my sweet Maxine!

How deep the depths my love doth reach beneath

This bed so venomous which we have seen –

Nay, have made! To each other, we bequeath

This Hell and Heaven so beautifully obscene.


As if Azrael’s hands seized hold,

Mine heart takes leap and fall to thee;

It rests within thine hand, so cold

And so fragile for this to be;

And only could of its chains mold.


Am I thy love or plague, ocean or flame?

Do I pur’fy thine heart in light divine

Or bury like a tomb thy will like game?

How long mine hands to make once more thee mine,

But misery doth rent such passion tame.


My love, my love! O, my Arthur!

Is not love’s misery the price of life,

The geyser that cools slow aft stir

And delivers a sight so rife

With beauty, none cannot concur?


My heart is like a vine – contort’d,

Twist’d from this petal of emotion felt

For thee and, truly, only thee. Unsort’d

Heartbreak and bitterness so often welt

To the brim of the geyser’s tip distort’d.


Ne’er thwart’d we be, be we thwart’d ne’er.

Again, let us like waterfalls

Repeat this bond to persevere,

Despite Time’s harsh pull to enthrall

Us with the panic of black fear.


How long I to reduce this world to ash

And be with none but thee eternal,

But truly can we ne’er be ‘gain awash

Of glory that we held so infernal,

As it fell from our grasp an open gash.


When dust is dust, naught shall reverse

The state from which ‘twas brought to death,

As what hath died is dead – a curse

Of life’s stale vow. Enjoy thy breath

And with this from me, disperse.


Maxine, Maxine! My one true love, mine heart!

If only pain could dim but a grass blade of length,

Then sans a doubt, I would be thine, ne’er ‘part

From thee again, my love. But yet, our strength

Renders such want futile – like broken art.


Goodbye, my love

My Arthur.

I shall always love thee –



Words of Today #14

Words of Today #14

Ofttimes, I yearn the frigid taste of death –

How sweet and punishing its kiss ‘pon me!

But like a maiden bade to wed, I wait

For death to come for me, rather I it;

For life is greed, lust toils, and hearts seek mates.

Yet, so oft dying allures, Life doth be;

And surely sure, I find more rest in breath.

Eagles soar in search

Of prey; of life to feed from

In freedom’s torn cost.

Do not be troubled; smile and frolic free.